Make Your Goal-Setting Plan

Once you write down your long-term goals, think about how you can achieve them. Come up with specific actions attached to each goal. Write them down in a plan.  

Example of a Career Plan
My long-term career goal: I want to be a Customer Service Supervisor.
My short–term actions to
support this goal

I will learn more.

  • I will talk with three people in this career within 1 month.
  • I will develop a list of realistic tasks within 1 month.

I will expand my skills.

  • I will get an entry-level customer service job within 6 months.

I will practice skills.

  • I will go to the library every week to read books.
  • I will practice one new skill each week.

I will get experience.

  • I will ask my boss for more responsibility within 8 months.

I will gain training.

  • I will complete a series of customer service and manager trainings within three years.