Find Job Openings

Now, spend time researching employers. How do you know which employers to research? There are two ways. One is by finding advertised job leads. However, most people get jobs through the hidden job market by using the contacts in their network.
Here are some ways to find job leads. Once you find job leads, make sure you research each employer. Be sure to research employers before you apply. Then, contact employers directly. 

Find Advertised Jobs:

  1. Employers’ Websites
    Most employers post their job openings online. 
  2. Job Boards or Job Banks: These are websites that post job openings.
    Your state has a job bank with jobs from all types of employers.
    You can also use Indeed or Craigslist for a local job search.
    Many industries or professional associations have job banks. You can find these professional associations by using an online search engine.
  3. Temporary or Placement Agencies:
    These employment agencies find short-term and contract positions. You can find employment agencies by using an online search engine. 

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