Match Your Interests to Occupations

The Match Your Interests to Occupations (pdf) exercise is a short interest assessment.

  • Read each statement. Check the white box next to the activities that you enjoy doing or would enjoy learning how to do.
  • Then, add the columns at the bottom of the exercise. Write down the number of checked boxes for each letter.
  • The letters with the highest amount of check marks indicate your interest code. Most people have a 2-3 letter interest code.

Each letter matches an interest group.

  • R = Realistic people are DOERS.
  • They are often good at mechanical or athletic jobs. They like to work with things like machines, tools or plants and they like to work with their hands. They are often practical and good at solving problems.
  • I = Investigative people are THINKERS.
  • They like to watch, learn, and solve problems. They often like to work by themselves, tend to be good at math and science, and enjoy analyzing data.
  • A = Artistic people are CREATORS.
  • They like to use their creativity and come up with new ideas. They usually want to work with less rules or structure. They enjoy performing (theater or music) and visual arts.
  • S = Social people are HELPERS.
  • They like to work directly with people rather than things. They enjoy teaching, counseling, or curing others. They are often good public speakers with helpful, kind personalities.
  • E = Enterprising people are PERSUADERS.
  • They like to work with other people. They often like to influence, persuade or perform for people. They like to lead. They tend to be assertive and enthusiastic.
  • C = Conventional people are ORGANIZERS.
  • They are very detail oriented and like to work with data. They are often organized and good with numbers. They are also good at following instructions. They also like working in structured situations.

Online Interest Assessment

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