Negotiate a Job Offer

Negotiating your salary is a key part of the job search. Wait until after you get a job offer to talk about pay and benefits. Negotiating is a two-way street. Use the tips below that work for you.

Salary Negotiations
Always try to have an idea of what the range is if possible and yet avoid giving your range.
Salary range resources to consider

Also check with the professional organizations you are associated with for any survey information they may have available.
Always research or ask for information on benefits, vacation etc. after the offer and before negotiating, so you can decide.

Guidelines For Negotiations

  • Always start by being positive – express appreciation over the job offer
  • Not all offers are negotiable
  • Don’t start with negotiations unless you are really interested in the job
  • Try to avoid negotiating until after a job has been offered to you
  • Take time to consider the offer and do any appropriate research before negotiating
  • Know what you need or where the bottom line is for you before you begin
  • Do not say yes or no until you are ready
  • If possible, the best negotiating is done face to face

The Negotiation Process

  1. Obtain the offer with excitement and ask when a verbal response is needed or suggest a time you can get back to them.
  2. Analyze the offer to get missing information.
  3. Evaluate the offer and decide your goals/trade off and walk away point.
  4. Initiating a Negotiation
    a. Once again express interest/excitement about position/company and that you have really thought through it.
    b. Indicate you have several components to discuss and are confident you can both agree on a positive outcome.
    c. Indicate areas of agreement first and then discuss and resolve areas of differences
  5. Affirm the agreement and accept the offer.
  6. Ask for a final offer in writing and establish your start date.

The Major Negotiation Factors

  • Base Salary
  • Vacation
  • Bonus Pay Available –can you be part of this plan or get bonus based on company profit?
  • Tuition Reimbursement-can the wait be waived for eligibility or the percent increased that will be covered. Can pay be negotiated in to cover expenses?
  • Medical Benefits- wait usually can’t be waived, however COBRA during wait period may be considered and paid for in a sign on bonus.
  • Relocation Costs
  • 401K – can the match or difference between another offer or last job be given as sign on bonus or automatically at 90 days/1year –wait not usually allowed due to legality/plan design.
  • Performance Review/Merit Increase-change the timing or percentage of salary increase: example accelerate review to one at 6 months and another at 12 with increases scheduled.
  • Sign On Bonus
  • Equipment-car, phone, laptop, difference from last or another job may come down to sign on bonus
  • Commission percentage
  • Retirement Plan
  • Severance Package
  • Professional Membership- paid by company

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