Exploring Health Care Careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the health care industry will grow faster than all other industries. In the next few years 26% of all new jobs will be created in the health care and social assistance industry. This includes jobs in public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, individual care, and family services. That equals an estimated 4 million new jobs.

Below is a short list of some of the many health care occupations that will grow in Ohio. Using your Interest code from Assess Yourself, you can begin exploring some of these occupations.

Occupation Interest
Education Average annual
Average annual
job openings
Dental Hygienist SRC Associate's degree $63,410


Registered Nurse SIC Associate's degree $61,710 5016
Respiratory Therapist SIR Associate's degree $51,480 245
Radiologic Technologist
and Technician
RS Associate's degree $50,950 399
Medical and Health
Services Manager
ECS Bachelor's degree $87,480 555
Mental Health Counselor SIA Master's degree $45,040 199
Health Care Social
SI Master's degree $47,530 339
Dentist IRS Professional degree $170,220 186
Pharmacist ICS Professional degree $107,720 478

To continue exploring health care occupations you can go to the Virtual Career Network. This site will provide you with occupational descriptions, tasks, required education, and the average annual salary for healthcare occupations.

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